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Ultrasonic welding equipment manufacturer

Ultrasonic welding solution customization


The working principle ultrasonic generator is to convert the commercial power into a high-frequency AC signal matching with the ultrasonic transducer to drive the ultrasonic transducer. 




It is mostly used in computer and electrical, aerospace and automotive, medical, and packaging industries.


1.Computer and Electrical Industries

Here it is used to join wired connections and to create connections in small delicate circuits.


2.Aerospace and Automotive Industry

In automotive industries, it is used to assemble large plastic and electrical components such as door panels, instrument panels, air ducts, lamps, steering wheels, and upholstery and engine components.

In aerospace, it is used to join thin sheet gauge and lightweight materials like aluminum.


3.Medical Industry

It does not introduce any contaminants or degradation into the weld. That’s why it is used in medical industries.


Items such as anesthesia filters, arterial filters, blood filters, dialysis tubes, pipettes, blood/gas filters, cardiometry reservoirs, etc. can be made using ultrasonic welding method.


4. Packaging Industry

It is used to package different materials in food industries.

It is used for packaging dangerous materials like explosives, fireworks, and chemicals.



It is a fast welding process.

It has Quick drying time i.e. the pieces do not remain for a long time in the fixtures to dry

It can be easily automated.

It produces a clean and precise joint.

It exhibits clean weld sites and does not require and touch-up work.

It produces a low thermal impact on the materials.


Ultrasonic applications are extremely wide, and we are generally familiar with being used in medicine. In the industrial field, everyone can use their own products, or can find that ultrasonic is also within the scope of their own products, allowing ultrasound to improve your efficiency and quality. It will also be our common wish.

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