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Common problem

First, AIS and Wei guide series of common troubleshooting

1, Q: My machine crash or button is invalid or bad remote control?
Answer: General please power off for 3 minutes and then restart, and then check the keypad or remote control function.
2, Q: how can my machine can not open the machine?
Answer: Check whether the power cord is connected, whether the power cord fuse is intact, whether the power is turned on, the switch button is normal; whether the machine has a trace of the power board burned out.
3, Q: others do not see my boat or not positioning or no boat information?
Answer: Check the machine is positioned (screen upper left corner of the boat logo shows green positioning, display black is not positioning); check the GPS antenna connection is intact; check VHF feeder is connected, with or without damage.
4, Q: bad upgrade?
Answer: Our machine is the normal use of Transcend1G original SD card, other brands and memory is not 1G are not good upgrade; check the SD card folder name is "OVA2410", this "OVA2410" file is placed in the root directory; Check if the SD card slot is connected to the SD card.
5, Q: machine speed heading are not allowed?
Answer: generally adjust the speed filter function (according to the menu - GPS - select the speed filter), the reference value of 15 to 20, slow increase, quickly reduced.
6, Q: AIS received less signal?
Solution: It is recommended to select the frequency of 162MHZ full copper RF cable antenna; as far as possible with other antennas to maintain a certain distance; if the LED light interference, it is recommended to replace it brand LED lights and try again.
7, Q: Why is my machine always alarm?
Answer: AIS fleet management alarm to shut down, but also to check the menu settings inside the AIS alarm is closed.
8, Q: boot Sanyo LOGO can not enter the chart interface, and then boot black screen does not show, but the button lights
Solution: Contact the dealer to re-upgrade the 7.39 program.
9, Q: my ship's bow direction and heading wrong?
Answer: In the menu - set - AIS direction - select the route to prevail.
10, Q: I can not see someone else's boat, or the actual next to the boat, but there is no "△" sign on the chart, or only see "△" but can not see the ship's data information?
Solution: General power off for 3 minutes to restart, and then check if the VHF feeder is bad; or in the menu - Settings - Map - Layer Setup - AIS Data Display - Select as needed.
11, Q: My ship name shows no match with nine digits or homonyms
Solution: re-brush the program or contact the manufacturer to change the name of the heavy brush program.
12, Q: How does my machine appear white screen English error, or even use the process of automatic exit?
ANSWER: AIS system is overloaded with overload. The general re-brush program or save the user data after contact with the manufacturer to format the system.
13, Q: How does my machine appear blue or red screen?
Solution: re-brush the program or contact the manufacturer to replace the accessories.

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